Where can I go to do God’s work?

Whether it’s your first time going on a mission or you’re a seasoned missionary worker, picking a place is not an easy task when there is a world in need of healing. There are countries with borders closed to the world. There are countries where Christianity is heavily scrutinized and persecuted. There are languages still lacking a translation of the Bible. There are great many places in need of workers, but where do you go? Here are a handful of locations we scouted so that you can shine the light but also grow deeper in your faith.

1. Japan

Even though Christianity was introduced in Japan, faith in God and the presence of God has not flourished. Less than 1% know of Jesus in Japan. Even though Japan is a developed country that constitutes freedom of religion, it has deep roots in Shinto and Buddhism. Despite the low reach, there is potential to make God known to the Japanese people using the nature the country is blessed with and has preciously preserved. God created the natural elements to display Himself as it says in Romans 1:20 so let’s share the good news by sharing the understanding of how God is revealed through the natural order of His creation.

2. United Kingdom/France

These two countries might come as a huge surprise but the decline in an identity in Christ is real. There are many young adults who never read let alone laid eyes on the Bible. It might be hard to believe, but we shouldn’t overlook countries because of their economic status. The hurdle might actually be higher since the usual foot in the door with poor and developing countries will not work. You will be challenged in a different way, but the challenge will truly grow your faith as you are stretched in a different capacity. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

3. Haiti

Haiti is not only the poorest country in the western hemisphere but also one of the poorest countries in the world. It struggles against political instability and slow recovery from natural disasters. It first needs help in rebuilding its infrastructure and providing for the poor and taking care of the sick. Hand in hand we should share with them Jesus’ teaching. Though Christians can leave a good impression with charitable work, it doesn’t take a Christian organization for the work of charity to get done. There are countless nonprofit and disaster relief organizations and help from other governments, so we must dig our heels in Jesus’ teachings and share with them the truth that will set them free.

4. Thailand

A most popular tourist destination but as far as the planting of churches, it is left wanting. In my neighborhood I have more than my fair share of choices in churches, but there are many villages in Thailand that still does not have a church. Furthermore, its culture and national identity is in Buddhism. Being Thai and Buddhist is one and the same. So how do you help a people whose natural and cultural identity is embedded with another religion?

5. India

Just like Thailand, India faces a national and cultural identify embedded in religion, Hinduism. It’s intimately intertwined that though the country constitutes religious freedom, there is open persecution against Christians and the government has turned a blind eye. Can you imagine being killed for openly living out your life of faith? But that’s the story that’s being painted in red in India. And in perspective that is the humble beginning of Christianity at the hands and feet of the martyrs. Though there are risks associated with missions in India, didn’t the martyrs have the strongest of faith?

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