Zoom Ice Breaker: Reaction Charades

People jumping

“Hmm I think he means this! Or maybe that?”

Can you guess what someone is going through by their facial expressions?
Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard to tell, isn’t it?
This is an ice breaker activity where members will be asked to react to a certain event or scenario from a pool of options, and the rest of the members must guess what event or scenario it’s being reacted to.

Create a list of different scenarios to react to (you can also encourage participation from everyone by asking each member to write down their own scenario). Then give each member a scenario they must react to. Have that member react to the event to the rest of the group by using body language or facial expressions. The rest of the members should also have access to the list of options and must match each event to each reactor.

Example of list of scenarios:
– You are in a movie theater watching a scary movie
– You are in the park and you see a mama duck with a line of baby ducks walking behind her
– You see someone drinking coffee but suddenly it spills all over the table

Try this other variation: do this without saying any words or sounds. Like classic charades!

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