Zoom Ice Breaker: Adjective Names

“Awesome Angie… Observant Oscar…”

This game will involve some memorization and participation from everyone. It will also encourage everyone to get familiarized with everyone’s names! Ready for the challenge?

Have everyone in your small group think about their name alongside an adjective they would describe themselves as. 
But there’s a twist: the adjective must start with the same letter as their name (for example, if someone’s name is Pablo, he could think of using “Peaceful Pablo” to introduce himself before everyone. “Awesome Angie”, “Observant Oscar”, and “Creative Cassidy” are other examples).

Then have them start introducing themselves. A person should start by mentioning their adjective + name combination (let’s call this the “introducing phrase”.) They can also share a little more about themselves or why they chose that adjective to the rest of the group. When is the next person’s turn, however, that person should repeat the introducing phrase of the previous person before he/she can introduce his/hers. Then the next person after that should say the introducing phrases of all the people before that person in order, and then introduce themselves. And so on. The last person to go should have to name all the people in the group before introducing themselves. Ready? Set. Go!

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