A Phil Wickham song for every moment of your day

One of our favorite worship artists, Phil Wickham released a new live Album titled Singalong 4 earlier this month. We’ve arranged the best songs to jam to at all parts of your day, so you can experience the music and worship the Lord in your element.

Waking Up – “Forever (We Sing Hallelujah)”

It’s good to start the day remembering the heart of gratitude that we should have and that we should lift praise and worship to our father. It’s a light song that isn’t too overwhelming for the morning, but will help to wake you up with ease and the correct heart.

Driving to Work or School – “Tethered”

Nothing like belting out your favorite songs like no one’s watching, because no one’s watching. This is a great song to really pour your heart out to God and get you in your worship feels before you have to take on the work or school day.

Getting Dressed – “Great Things”

This upbeat song is sure to get you going in the morning so you can start your day on the right foot! Always humbling to be reminded of the grace we’ve received from God and Jesus.

Family Dinner – “Till I Found You”

This song is riddled with light pop undertones and positive vibes, which is great for dinner with family, recounting the heart of gratitude that we’ve found within our Lord Jesus Christ.

Work out – “You Cannot Be Stopped”

The song speaks of moving mountains and breaking chains, and Jesus conquering the grave, which is enough to get you feeling like you can really do all things. It’s also a more upbeat and lively song, which is a must when working out.

With Friends from Small Group – “King of My Heart/How Great Is Your Love/O Praise the Name”

What better way to spend time with friends than jamming out to worship songs together! There’s no way anyone can listen to this song and not be immediately pulled in by it.

To Relax and Meditate – “Heart of Worship”

This song is great for getting your heart prepared to properly meditate and even come before God in prayer. It’s mellow and even reminds you in the song of the kind of heart that we should have worshiping God.

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